Welcome to the GeoLibrary!  This set of twin resources covers the range of literature available on geoengineering to date:

  • The 'Reference Library' covers all peer reviewed material as well as some non-peer reviewed resources suitable for referencing in most academic work.  It is organized by tags which reflect many of the major topics and disciplines within the field of geoengineering research.  Green tags represent topics that are specific to geoengineering.  This library is intended to be as exhaustive as possible in its coverage of all referenceable content on these topics.  The blue tags are used for content which is relevant to geoengineering but not necessarily specific to the field.  These topics are not exhaustively, but rather representatively, covered in the reference library.
  • The 'Grey Library' houses eight types of resources: blog posts, interview transcripts, magazine articles, newpaper articles, online articles, press releases, research papers, and videos.  None of these content types are exhaustively covered with regard to geoengineering due to sheer quantity available.

To Navigate the GeoLibrary use the tag cloud or the search function.  To make finding exactly what you want easier within the larger 'Reference Library' you can select more than one tag before pressing the 'go' button.  To view the entire library in a single search, simply click the 'search' button without entering a keyword.  The search function will return results for author names, publications, and words found in the title of an entry.  Note that all results are displayed with most recent articles at the top.

Please help us to keep this resource up to date by sending links to any content that you think is missing.  This can be done via our contact us form (bottom of page).  Anyone who suggests content that is subsequently included in the GeoLibrary will get a thank you on our 'Acknowledgements' page.  Thank you for your help!

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