Who are we? » Peter Healey

Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Associate Fellow, Institute for Science, Innovation and Society

Peter started working for the Oxford Geoengineering Programme in September 2010.  His first major task was to coordinate the development of a £1.2m research proposal “Climate Geoengineering Governance”, with contributions from Oxford, Sussex and UCL. This has been funded by ESRC and will start work in mid-2012. In addition he is working on a project called “Locating Oxford Geoengineering” focused on contributing more generally to the enhancement and consolidation of Oxford's position on geoengineering governance.  This project is supported by funding from the Oxford Geoengineering Programme.

Peter is currently working on the GRIP project.

His interests are in scientific governance, especially in relation to democratisation, science and technology indicators, and international and distributional aspects of science and technology.

Over the past twenty years he has developed and managed research programmes and networks on science and technology and innovation policy for a variety of organisations including the ESRC and the European Commission, initially through the Science Policy Support Group and Brunel University.  

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