Who are we? » Gideon Henderson

Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Professor of Earth Sciences

Gideon's research focuses on understanding long-term climate change and the carbon cycle, and therefore improving prediction of future climate changes.

Part of Gideon’s research focuses on understanding the complex system of feedbacks that control the carbon cycle in the oceans.  Within the field of geoengineering he is interested in how the carbon cycle and oceanic ecosystems might respond to various proposals which aim to increase the carbon storage capacity of the ocean in order to draw down carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

Gideon was one of the founding directors of the Oxford Geoengineering Programme, but stepped down to concentrate on being Head of the Earth Science Department. His interests in the risks and potential of geoengineering continue, particularly in the areas of accelerated weathering and ocean alkalinity. He is the Principle Investigator of the GGREW project.

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