News and Events

News and Events

Conference: The Oxford Summer School on Geoengineering Research

Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th August 2012

Location: Queen's College, Oxford

Programme Committee: Steve Rayner & Gideon Henderson, Oxford Geoengineering Programme; David Keith, Harvard University; Timo Goeschl, Heidelberg University

Background and purpose of this year’s school:

Research into proposed geoengineering techniques and the governance issues associated with them is gaining attention in academia and beyond.  This summer school will provide early career researchers with information on the current state of developments in the field  and with a focus on communicating research to the public and to policy-makers.

Collaborative projects:

As well as connecting early career researchers with leading academics in the field, the School will  provide a venue for developing collaborative projects  on many of the pressing issues in the field through interdisciplinary discussions.  Participants will be consulted prior to the school for their input into the planning of the week’s collaborative projects.

Planned activities to date:

  • Lectures on the ethical and governance issues associated with geoengineering research
  • Lectures from representatives of major ongoing research projects
  • Workshops on engaging with policy makers and the public
  • A public debate

Costs and Scholarships:

Participants are asked to contribute a £300 fee towards the cost of the summer school and will be responsible for their own travel costs. Some scholarships may be available for participants who would otherwise not be able to attend.  A request for support should accompany the application in such circumstances.


The number of participants is limited.  All early career researchers interested in attending must fill out a single page application form (available for download at top right panel of this page).

Applications should be sent by email to Nigel Moore:

geoengineering [at] oxfordmartin [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk


The Deadline for applications is June 1st, 2012.

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